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A message from Mr. Alarcon

Over the past year, we have experienced more things than one can imagine. At times, it has been difficult, but we have persevered. For some, it brought us closer to our families and loved ones. It has also connected us more deeply to our faith. We are now seeing more clearly what is important in our lives.

While most of the time, adults have a firmer grasp on this pandemic, our children are experiencing the same things. I am amazed on the resiliency of our students during this time. They have been role models for all of us to follow.

It is easy to get lost in what is going on in our society. It is understandable to be worried for our children’s education. One thing that we need to be assured is that our children will be ok. As parents, we ask of you to the best that you can. As educators, please understand that we are doing the best that we can. Our children are going through a lot right now and at times we are slowing down to just talk to them. This is a scary time for many of them and we want to answer questions and assist with their social skills as much as we can.

I promise to you that academics will always be a cornerstone of St. Anthony’s. We will educate our students academically, but also spiritually and socially. Our kids are growing up too quick in today’s world and many are not having a normal childhood because of what is going on. We understand that and will continue to do our best to provide our children with a safe environment, filled with positivity. If you have any questions, please email me at

Mr. Alarcon

School Fundraising for January

Super Bowl Squares ($10 each) - Please see Mrs. Winkler ( if interested and/or any questions

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Teacher Spotlight

We would like to thank Mrs. McCue for all of her hard work this school year. Mrs. McCue has done an excellent job working with her students both in-person and virtually. Often times, she works with her students and/or families after hours to ensure they are learning. She is diligent, fair and positive. We thank her for her steadfast approach in educating our children at St. Anthony's.

Great News from Third Grade!

We recently received results from our ReadingThird Grade Ohio Achievement Assessment and our third grade students had a passage rate of 75%! This is an improvement of 50% from two years ago and 15% from last year. Thank you to our students, families and Mrs. McCue for all contributing to this.

Catholic Schools Week

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We are excited about this year's Catholic Schools Week! We will have more information coming out as the month continues.

School Calendar for the month of January

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Some new colors in our STEM Room!

Some new designs in our Student Learning Lab

We now have chromebooks in the lab instead of desk tops. Also, we have added a library in our lab to make it easier for our children to get books. Thank you to Ms. Hansinger for designing this room!