Mr. Huelsman's Science Class

Weekly Update 02/08/16

Good Monday Morning!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. This week in Science we are wrapping up the Body Works unit. Students will get a study guide on Tuesday that will be next Tuesday. I have decided to push back the test until Wednesday 02/17/16. This will give us enough time to review all the material that has been covered since the start of unit.

Below are other classroom announcements and the tentative schedule for this upcoming week. Take care.

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Glen Heln Info

I am passing out the Glen Helen packets to students today to bring home. Please read over the packets carefully. We are asking that you return the "Conformation Letter to Attend Glen Helen" and a $25.00 deposit by February 26th. I will be collecting forms and money at the start of class until the due date of April 22, 2016.

The Glen Helen parent informational meeting will be held Thursday, February 25th at 6 PM in the TMS auditeria. Ms. Kettelwell, myself, Mrs. Vu, and Mrs. Horvath will be there to answer any and all questions.

Here are some of the things that will be covered:

  • What to pack and NOT pack.
  • Explanation of paperwork needed.
  • The school nurse will be there to answer medication concerns.
  • Answer any questions you may or may not have.
  • We will collect money and forms.

If you have any questions concerning camp, please feel free to email me.

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Quiz Corrections

Last week students took a quiz and a lot of students unfortunately didn't do so well. I am offering quiz corrections as a way for them to improve their scores. Quiz corrections are due tomorrow, Tuesday 02/09/15.
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Body Works End of Unit Test

The Body Works End of Unit Test is scheduled for Wednesday 02/17/16. I am encouraging all students to start preparing today by studying vocabulary and looking back at lab activities and readings.

This is a very big test with lots of content. Students will start working on a study guide tomorrow and will have one week to complete. There will also be a couple review days in class over covered material.

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Human Body 3D Model

Extra credit is due by 02/24/16. Please see extra credit form for details. Thank you!
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Mr. Huelsman's Science Class Facebook Page

Be sure to check out the new photos and videos posted of students working on labs last week in class!
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Tentative Classroom Schedule

Monday 02/08/16: Students turn in study logs from last week and pick up a new one for this week. Pass out Glen Helen information to packets. Finish Activity#28 "Heart Problems" in class.

Homework: Study logs.

Tuesday 02/09/16: Students will get their study guides for the "Body Works" end of unit test. The study guide is due next Tuesday 02/16/16. Students will watch Bill Nye Video on the "Central Nervous System". Students will then be assigned reading on the central nervous system with a worksheet.

Homework: Study guide/study logs.

Wednesday 02/10/16: Go over reading in class. Students will then be permitted to work on study guide the remainder of the class period.

Homework: Study guide/study logs.

Thursday 02/11/16: Review for test/work on study guides.

Homework: Finish study guides for Tuesday IF not completed in class.

Friday 02/12/16: No school.