by sasha

Basic Fact

Nickname of colorado the centennial state. Capital of colorado is denver. Largest city denver. Population of colorado is 5.356 million 2014. Motto nil sine numine.

Colorado governor

his name is john hickenlooper
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colorado state song is

the name of it is where the columbines grow by:arthur j.flynn
Song of state of Colorado - "Where the Columbines Grow" with lyrics

us senators

Cory gardner and michael bennet


cattle and calves

famous preson

his name is duane champman
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about my famous preson

he has 12 kids and he was marid 5 times his birthday is in february 2 in 1953 he is 62 year old he is on a t.v show his name on that is dog the bounty hunter.

state brid and flower

brid name is lark
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