Impact Of A Bolognese Meal

By Kiara Bower

Bolognese Ingredients

1 TBS olive oil (20g)

2 large chopped onions (400g)

3 garlic cloves crushed (100g)

1kg beef mincee (1000g)

diced tomatoes (600g)

1/2 cup tomato paste (125g)

Spaghetti (600g)

1 gratered carrot (100g)

Quantities of Ingredients in Bolognese

In Spaghetti Bolognese the ingredient that you use most of is the beef Mince that weighs 1000g. The diced tomatos and spaghetti use not as much as the beef mince but it does still use 600g each. Olive oil and grated carrot use the least in the whole meal. Tomato paste, onion and garlic doent have the highest grams but they weigh each around 400g.

Ecological Impact Of Ingredients Used In Bolognese

In bolognese the ingredient that has the highest ecological impact is beef mince that would be because the farms have to look after cow and then process it, beef mince has the highest ecological impact by far. Olive oil has the least ecological impact out of all the ingredients used. In order of the ecological impact from highest to lowest the ingredents are beef mince, spaghetti, onion, diced tomatos, garlic, tomato paste, grated carrot and then olive oil. The ingredients that have higher ecological impact of ingredents are the ingredents that are stored and processed into shapes or the fat taken out ect...
You can always reduce the impact of a meal by buying localy grown fruit, vegtables, eggs, milk ect...
You could always change some of the high impact produce for something that does not have as high impact. For example you could not have meat in your pasta just have a sauce or have a pork meat that has a much lower impact.