Should Apple Fix ?

Sahil Desai

Smore #6

Syed Farlook’s iPhone has been demanded by the FBI to be unlocked by Apple. In order for Apple to do so, they would have to create a master key and give it to the FBI. However, this would give the FBI access to all iPhones which would invade privacy of Apple users. Granting the FBI power to everyone’s iPhone could lead to government corruption and abuse. Personally I side with Apple. Although the FBI could use its powers to hack into terrorists phones and gain vital information, that is still an invasion of privacy. Everyone deserves the right to have that, and throwing other apple users privacy into the mix is unnecessary. Who knows, with that kind of access the FBI could be free to monitor to whoever they please. Knowing every text you send and other information on your phone that the FBI can look up against your will is unnerving. It’s a violation of civil liberty. It’s a risk that could not just affect the United States, but the entire world. Think about it, there are places in the world where the government really wants to scan what their citizens are doing on their phones, and who they are talking to. Opinions and freedom of speech would not be possible and could be in great danger if Apple decided to help the FBI on just one case.