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'Tis the season for gift giving


Next to Christmas, this late spring season does a job on me!! Every year April hits and I go into panic mode about all the gifts ahead of me. I have four family birthdays, my parents anniversary, Mother's day, teacher appreciation week, end of the school year, graduations and weddings. Pepper in a new baby or two, promotion parties, see-ya-later parties (that's what us military people say when we don't want to say good-bye) and the list never seems to end. I was making my gift list today (fine time to make it as five events have already passed) and it dawned on me that maybe y'all have a list too and might like a few ideas passed your way.

Grad Girl

Teacher gifts

I have a special place in my heart for teachers, always have ever since I put my first born in preschool, 12 years ago. Honestly, I'm so thankful for them because I'm just not woman enough to homeschool. They get paid pennies for what they put up with and the list of reasons I respect them goes on and on. So, a lil somethin' somethin' throughout the year and definitely at the end of the year is an absolute must!!!
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These babes ($19) are so fun and perfect to tuck in with a gift card or a bouquet of flowers.

1. Horseshoe.....we were so lucky to have you this year!

2. Arrow.....thanks for pointing my child in the right direction!

3. Elephant....we will never forget you!


There was a period when I didn't have too many gifts to give in this category but that drought has ended and I'm back in the gift giving game for showers and weddings. The Getaway bag is totally perfect for the new couple to take with them on their honeymoon and use for years to come when traveling home to see family. It unzips and expands which is always useful when you shop on vacation! It's not cheap but well worth the money. And a perfect gift for the bridesmaids to all go in on. Fill it up with beach essentials and ready to gift. Bonus: It definitely can be used as a carry-on!
As always, if you see something you're interested in or have any questions, I'd love to help!!