Trenton Robinson

Ceramics 1


Turtle Cup

My artwork is based on combining to elements together. A turtle and a cup to make one thing that's amazing. I has a certain kind of balance equal legs and two attached limbs. It consists of cool colors green and blue. Its elevated off the ground. It has designs carved in it to give it that detail and makes it look better. The whole them is about turtles.


Turtle Whistle

This masterpiece is a combined from a whistle and a turtle. The whistle actually works.

The color pattern on this piece is different mostly bright colors. It has a nice radial design to it. It has a base but one sides heavier than the other so not great balance to it. The hardest part was making it whistle. I'm pretty happy with my results the colors could be better.

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Critique 1

Ellen Schon


A pot that sinks in. I see swirls. Holds water.It is smooth. It has some texture. The shape is two dimensional and circular. It has value of lightness away and darker in the midle. It has color Earth Tones. It is a creative sculpture to hold items. The artist has some sensitivity. 20th century time period. The sculpture is about the changing of life. A happy emotion. The artwork is successful because it has good balance of principles and evidence. Good evidence for why my claim is because we are using it as an example today.

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Critique 2

Laocoön and His Sons

Agesander, Athenodoros and Polydorus

25 BC

The objects in the artwork is bases on strength of men. The nudity of the sculpture. The snske is killing the people. Thr sculpture was chizeled by hand. The man in the middle looks stronger than the other men. Its made out of marble. The sculpture has value of lightness on one side and darkness on the other. It had a lot of texture like in the hair. It has only one color white. Its arranged as biggest person in middle smaller ones on the outside. The artist shows that the strongest man survives. Time period is 25 BC. The last man standing. The mood is sorta feared but concuring. Storie is the a big snaked atracked them and they have to try to kill it. This arteork is successful because its a mabke sculpture and its big and very hard to make. It was made in 25BC and its still here today is amazing. It is good work because it tells a story.