Mont Saint-Michel, France

It may be a little island, but it has big taste

Come on Down to our Little Old Town

Mont Saint-Michel sits on top of a rocky Isle with sandy shores and great tides, resting between Normandy and Brittany. Mont Saint-Michel is a Gothic-style Benedictine abbey. This city grew in the shadow of its vast walls and is 493 years young.


In Mont Saint-Michel, there are museums and restaurants called La Mère Poulard Café, which makes omelets, and La Confiance Grande Rue, 50170. their phone number is +33 2 33 60 14 07 . La Mère Poulard is stationed on Grand Rue, 50170. the phone number is +33 2 33 60 14 08. These


As of 2009, 44 people inhabit Mont Saint-Michel.


Some hotels are Hôtel Le Saint-Michel Grande Rue 50170. the number is +33 2 33 89 68 68. Hotel Les Terrasses Poulard Grande Rue, 50170. Their number is +33 2 33 89 02 02.


The sites I used for information were mainly google.

Leisure Time Activtiy

In Mont Saint-Michel, there are tons of tours to go on while you are visiting. There are restaurants and hotels (listed above) to visit and sleep at. There are also museums.
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