Crickets have 3 stages in their life cycle. First is egg for 1 to 2 months. Then it becomes a nymph for 4 to 5 months. Finally is the adult. The stages repeat if they mate to get eggs.


Crickets have 3 body parts head, thorax, and abdomen. The thorax holds the legs. The front ones are smaller. The back ones are longer to jump. The head holds the antennas and the compound eyes. They have 1,000 in each eyes.


Crickets eat vegetables. Some crickets eat other incests but only the ones that are smaller. Then crickets get their pray by using their strong mouth.


Crickets have brown spit for their protection they also have antennas that light up for their protection crickets also trap them under grond

Interesting facts

Crickets have antennas that light up. They have brown spit. They love dark places. They have 3 body parts head, abdomen, and thorax.