February Newsletter

for Team ????

We need a team name!

We still need a team name! Got a suggestion? Please send it to me at tharperlockets@gmail.com I have received a couple of suggestions so far! I would like to get several and then get your input!


Promotions and top earners for February

Congratulations to the following team members who promoted in February!:

Kristy Blankenship - Leading Designer

Tamara Underwood - Leading Designer

Lori Ashley - Leading Designer

Congratulations to our TOP 5 PV earners for February!:

Kristy Blankenship - $4,491.20

Tamara Underwood - $4,338.94

Robin Burke - $1,827.50

Erin Reschetar-Quintero - $1,635.70

Breanna Stapleton - $1,253.40

We had an incredible month and finished out with a total team volume of $18,044.90!

And we ended the month with 22 total team members!!

March GOALS:

Total Team PV (low goal) $25,000

Total Team PV (high goal) $36,000

Team members: 30