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Pebble GO

Pebble Go is an educational tool containing animal and science facts. It is a wonderful resource for emergent and struggling readers because it not only empowers them to be independent learners but also aids them in becoming more efficient readers. For instance, animal lovers can go to the animal domain, select an animal of their choice, and this source will read the text to them when prompted. As it reads the text it highlights each word as it is being read. This helps students make connections between verbal and textual vocabulary, thus increasing their reading capacity, not to mention that they are also building phenomenal content knowledge!

Classroom Application

This tool serves a variety of purposes in the classroom. It can be used for centers, science instruction, research, or it could even be used as a gap filler when needed.

Related Resource

Dogo News (It's Free!)

Dogo news is another great resource for students to conduct research. It provides informational articles targeting a variety of subjects/topics and shares the same audio feature as pebble go. However, it is designed for more advanced students.

Diverse Habitats Lesson

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