The Ox Cart Man

By:Sabrina Greer

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The Ox Cart man written by Donald Hall and illustrated by Barbara Cooney, won the Caldecott award in 1980. Donald Hall originally wrote this book to tell a story that long ago was told to him by his older cousin. His cousin had the story told to him by his father. "It was a family legend." Donald later remembers, "Everyone in my family knew it." I believe this book won the award because it met all the criteria perfectly. Barbara Cooney executed her drawings flawlessly. Even the press was impressed later quoting "The Ox Cart Man's breathtaking drawing almost leave the eye questioning if it is a real photograph." Barbra's artistic style is also very great, contributing to the book's overall appearance.

Barbara Cooney

Barbara Cooney, the illustrator of this book, was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York on August, 6th, 1917. Barbara went to collage Smith Collage and later married her high school sweetheart, Charles Porter. Barbara has illustrated over 200 children's books and won two Caldecott medals. If you would like to know more about Donald Hall, you can visit,