Andrew's Career Choices

Military Pay

A Staff Sergeant in the Military with two years of experience gets paid $28,569.60, but if you are in the military for longer like four years then they get paid about $34,171.20, and then if you are still a Staff Sergeant after six years you get paid about $35,578.80. But the only bad part of the Military is that it isn't a hot job.

Years of schooling to become a Navy SEAL

To become a Navy SEAL you must have a High School Diploma, any foreign language (at least two years).

Training to Become a Navy SEAL

The training to become a Navy SEAL is intense. First you have to swim 500 yards in under 9:00 min, then you have to 80-100 push ups under 2:00, then you have to do 80-100 sit ups in 2:00 mins, 15-20 pull ups, then finally you have to run 1.5 miles in 9-10 mins.

To Be A Navy SEAL you need a have the following personality traits...

Driven, ambitious, extremely, motivated, be able to break their limits to push your and go past that, to be to face death and laugh in its face, and be strong willed.

Professional Athletes

Professional Athletes Pay

The average pro athletes makes about .16 Million dollars, but the only bad part of the Pro athlete is that its hard to become one so its not a hot job.

Years of Training That You Will Need

To be an NFL player, you have to go to college for 3 years, to be an NBA player, you don't have to go college, you can be drafted straight out of high school, just like Kobe Bryan did, instead of going to Duke University, he chose to go pro.

Training to become a Pro-Athlete

You don't have any certain amount of training to become a Pro-Athlete, but if you want to go pro you have to go to the combine, where they test your skills for the scouts of your profession.

Personality Traits To Be a Pro-Athlete

You have to be a great leader to be a Pro-Athlete. With that you have to have good composure, and be really competitive.