Year Round Schooling

By: Gabe Ekwall

Whats the Problem

Should America Have Year round schooling? My opinion on this topic, I don't think very many kids would want to be in school for 12 months every year with no break. If we did have year round schooling , kids wouldn't have anything to look forward too. All kids need a break from learning for at least 3 months. I think it should be split evenly 6 months of school and summer. Studys show no difference in year round schooling improving students enrolled with year round schooling.


A student here at AMS ,Siena Wand "I think there is no point in year round schooling because we already get enough knowledge and all brains need a break". Sophia Cooper says "its not a good idea, because kids need off time to hang out with friends and socialize"


Summer is good time for kids who get bullied to get away from there aggressors who tourment them. Its also a good time for the aggressors (bullies) to maybe realize what they're doing because they have time to think about it