Lineville Technology

Raymond Plumley

typing web

  • Typing is a good thing that you will have to work on.
  • In the first thing you do is intermediate course.
  • Typing web is a thing you will be using your whole life.

Explain everything

  • Explain everything is were you do math portables.
  • There are 7 opposition you can pick form.
  • I think you will like this because it is easy and fun.

Hour of code

  • Hour of code is a fun activity that you will do.
  • One of the things is frozen and angry birds.
  • The fun is it is a week activity you will do and have fun games.

Email Etiquette

  • Email Etiquette is were you write an email to the teacher.
  • You ask a question if you can get some help.
  • The fun thing is after that you get to play cool math games.