A look at Rabies

By: Henry Krain

Organs Affected

Rabies can affect your nervous system and brain. It can also make you hallucinate and become confused. On some occasions it might make is so you can't swallow, which intern affects the esophagus.


Rabies is caused by a virus which spreads by infected animals. An animal spreads Rabies by getting saliva on open wounds or cuts or if a dog gets saliva on your hands and you rub your hands on an open wound. You can also get Rabies if a dog bites you, or if a dog gets saliva on you and you rub it on a wound, cut, or eyes.

World Elimination

We can eliminate Rabies if every so often we do mass dog vaccines. The countries where Rabies is still at large can be eliminated. However the governments do not want to devote time or money to eliminating Rabies from their countries.


Half the people who have Rabies are under the age of 15. It attacks the brain and spinal fluid. The vaccine has been around for more than 100 years. Rabid dogs cause 99% of the Rabies deaths. Rabies can be found all over the world but is most common in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

Rabies in Iowa

Law requires that a dog and/or cat must have a Rabies vaccination, unless the dog or cat is under the age of three months. The law says that if a dog, cat or ferret bites you the animal must be quarantined for ten days. Even if the dog, cat, or ferret has gotten its shots.


The symptoms of Rabies includes the following:









difficulty swallowing

fear of water hallucinations


partial paralysis.

Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur invented the Rabies vaccination. His method of vaccination consisted of collecting a rabbit who has Rabies. You would then take the rabbit's spinal cord suspensions, and put that into a needle to give as a shot. You would then have to give a shot every day over a 14-21 day period. The first person for it to be used on was Joseph Meister. A little nine year old boy, and he survived!

Treatment & Cure

There is no cure for Rabies once symptoms show, it becomes fatal. On extremely-super- extraordinary rare occasions rabies is not fatal after the symptoms show and you will survive. The shot period for Rabies is only 14-21 days. If you think you might have Rabies you must go to the doctor straight away. You must also go to the doctors right away if the symptoms start to show.


You should get shots for your pets and keep pets inside. When you do let your pets outside keep close watch on them. Make sure they don't go close to any small animals. Report stray animals and stay away from bats. If you live in an area populated with Rabies you should check with a nearby doctor every so often

History Timeline

We start out in 2300 B.C. in Babylonian times with the first record of Rabies. We then skip to 1026. This was the earliest record of Rabies in Great Britain. From here on out till 1959 I will list the important events of Rabies.

  • 1271, First large outbreak of Rabies, 30 people die.
  • 1671, Rabies is causing panic in Paris when Rabies starts to show up.
  • 1703, a Mexican priest said there was Rabies in america but is told off.
  • 1734-1735, Rabies is now found through out England..
  • 1752, people are ordered to shot dogs on sight in London.
  • 1753, Rabies is found in Virginia, U.S.A. .
  • 1763, there is a Rabies outbreak in Spain, Italy, and France.
  • 1763, also in this time period there was 900 dogs killed in one day in Madrid, France.
  • 1768, Rabies is in Boston and other areas in that district.
  • 1774, Rabies is now a normal disease in England.
  • 1785-1789, Rabies is now common across North America.
  • 1797, Rabies is now in Rhode Island, U.S.A. .
  • 1803, largest out break in France so far, and also first time Rabies is found in Peru.
  • 1804, Zinke, a German scientist shows that Rabies is passed on by Saliva.
  • 1810, Rabies is now in common in the Eastern U.S.A., also including Ohio.
  • 1881, Louis Pasteur and Emile Roux start researching on a cure for Rabies.
  • 1883, Rabies cure is finished.
  • 1885, Rabies vaccination is used for the first time and it worked.
  • 1953, first Rabies case in North America as a bat.
  • 1959, Dr. Robert Kissling invents the first Rabies anti-body test.
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Rabies Virus

A picture of the Rabies virus