Newsflash 18 - Term 4

Marist School 2nd November 2022

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Kia ora, Ni hao, Dobar dan, Malo e leilei, Hola, Konnichiwa, Talofa, Namaste, Chão, Vannakkam, Kamusta, Hello!


Advent Prayer

O Mother of our Advent, be with us and see to it

that he will remain with us in this difficult Advent

of the struggles for truth and hope, for justice

and peace: He, alone, Emmanuel. St. John Paul II

Mark the season of Advent by loving and serving others with God’s own love and concern. (Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta)


How lucky were we with the weather last night! Our picnic was a roaring success, families came prepared for the four seasons, shared kai, purchased from the mighty BBQ team and had fun! The visit from the big guy in the red suit was a highlight. Huge thanks to Santa for taking the time to visit, you are a star! Big thanks to Gerard Thompson – BBQ King & his willing helpers and to everyone who came along both staff & whānau. A great time was had by all – what a blessing this Marist community is!

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We watched an amazing spectacle on Saturday 26th November. Our Kapa Haka & Pacifica Groups performed at the Eden Albert Cultural Festival with such pride. After months of hard work, regular practices and superb guidance each child represented Marist with great skill and mana.

Aimee Glucina, Mila’s mum, spent the morning with us and took some incredible photos. She has compiled this gorgeous collection of photos & a slideshow. Thank you so much Aimee for your generosity.

It was a fabulous morning. A huge thank you to Naomi MacDonald, Sheila MacDonald, Marie Walker & Anne Politini. Without their support these groups would not be able to occur. Also a big thanks to whānau who helped with makeup, costumes and attended the celebration.

If you would like to purchase any individual photos of your child/ren please contact Aimee at: ​​


This year we began a collaborative journey with our evaluation partner from the ERO. In the past ERO would visit a school for 3-4 days, gather community voices and write a report on a school which is publicly published.

ERO has reviewed this past style of relationship with schools and now uses an improvement evaluation approach. A partner from ERO works alongside the Senior Leadership team in planning an evaluative focus for the next few years. This plan is heavily aligned with our Marist School Strategic Plan. It allows us to showcase what we do at Marist and supports us in our evaluation for constant improvement, so that we continuously provide opportunities to improve outcomes for all learners.

Please find attached a Profile Report from ERO which will be published on their website and our own. We will take you on this journey with us and unpack our Strategic Plan (link below) with you at the beginning of 2023 at a Community Evening.

Copy of Marist School (Mt Albert) 1359 - Profile Report.pdf

Strategic Plan


Last Day of the 2022 School Year - Tuesday 13th December

You are warmly welcomed to our End of Year Mass at 10.30am in St Mary’s Church. Come along to celebrate the end of our school year. This mass will be followed with the singing of some Christmas Carols until 12 noon and the children will return to their Hubs for their final goodbyes for 2022.


Please keep the Mullin Family, and all those who have lost loved ones, in your thoughts and prayers at this time. We continue to pray for those in our community who are unwell or suffering at the moment.


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The St Mary's Parish Caring Committee will once again be collecting and distributing Christmas gifts to children in need. If you are able to, and wish to donate a gift, these can be left at the office during school hours. Please wrap gifts and label with the age and gender that the gift would suit. Gifts will then be placed under the St Mary's Jesse Tree

A huge thank you to the Marist School Community for your ongoing support of our parish food bank and for all the families that we as a community are able to assist.


Every Tuesday afternoon 2.30pm in the Church, finished in time for school pick-up.

All welcome - pre-schoolers, students on study leave, those new to the Rosary, and those who can't find their beads (10 fingers work just as well!). An opportunity to pray for our children, families, and any other intentions that you wish to bring with you.

Starting this Tuesday the 1st of November.

Any queries, please contact Antonia


When you reach for that delicious apple for your morning brain snack please

remember to peel off the ‘Yummy’ sticker and keep it safe!

We are collecting the Yummy Fruit Company stickers from their apples, and the labels off their

plastic bags, for our share of $200,000 of free sports gear. The more labels/stickers we collect the more free sports gear we get for our school!

This year we were able to purchase $1018 worth of sports equipment for the school thanks to the stickers collected.

Put your stickers on a sticker collection sheet (below) and drop them into the school office in exchange for house points!


At Marist School we use Spotlight to upload and share your child/rens ongoing progress and achievement throughout the year. The last couple of years have been so disruptive but it is really important that you download the APP in order to see your child’s learning progress.

If you have not set up your Spotlight App yet or have not been using it, please contact Beth in the office on for your unique ID. Once you have your ID you will be able to follow the instructions below to set up the app.



Our Prayer Reflection Area is coming to life!


Hub 3 have been creating some pop art over the last couple of weeks. We have talked about, discussed and looked at Roy Lichtenstein's most famous works. He essentially creates pop artwork. We are celebrating Hub 3's very own pop artwork! If you have a moment please come in and have a look!
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By Sofia, Hub 2

Two girls go trick or treating. The girls are Lexie and Sofia. They have a deep down feeling that something is going to go wrong, but they are happy.

“ Let’s go!” Lexie said excitedly.

After they had been to ten houses they went to a house that had a sign on the porch that said “Go in for Candy”.

They went into the house. Suddenly the floor boards fell into a maze. The girls screamed, fell, and then looked at each other in horror.

“A black cat” gasped Lexie.

“It’s so dark!” said Sofia.

“The cat is going this way, let’s follow it” Lexie said.

Suddenly the room started shaking.

“My candy!” yelled Sofia.

“The lights are flickering” whispered Lexie.

There was a tap on their shoulders.

“ Did you feel that?” Sofia said nervously.

“ Yes” whispered Lexie.

“The cat has gone. Oh no the lights are off!” said Sofia.

“I think it’s an escape room” said Lexie.

They heard a voice through the speaker say “ A bomb will go off if you do not go and do the game. You have 30 minutes, go in 3, 2, 1”.

“Go Lexie, I found a lock. We need a code” said Sofia.

“ I found a book” said Lexie.

“Ok, see if there is a code in it”said Sofia.

They found a uv flashlight next to the book, and used it on the book to see if they could find a code.

“ I found it, give me the flashlight. Okay it says 19234. I’ll put it in”. Lexie said.

The door opened.

“Look there’s a key hanging on the wall, and another door!” yelled Sofia. She tried the key and the second door opened to a science lab.

Suddenly a voice over the loud speaker said “You have 20 minutes left”.

“Oh no” shouted Sofia.

They looked around the science lab and saw lab coats hanging on the walls, cages and bottles of potion. The walls in the lab were dark purple. They walked around the room searching for clues and saw that inside the cages were keys.

They also saw a hook on the wall that they used. They tried to get the keys out of the cages. They tried a few times but couldn’t get the keys out. Sofia and Lexie were starting to feel nervous as they didn’t know how much time they had left to escape.

They tried one more time and got the keys out.

The speaker went off again and said

“You have 10 minutes left, there are still two rooms”.

Sofia and Lexie grabbed the keys and used one of them to enter the next room.

When they ran into the room Sofia said to Lexie

“Can you take five keys and doors and I’ll try the other five”.

Lexie agreed and they started working. One of the doors opened and they entered the last room. It was a candy factory that had a bomb with a timer which read 5 minutes.

The bomb needed a specific type of candy to deactivate it. They hunted through the glass jars of candy and Sofia found a box on the shelf. It had a piece of candy in it. Lexie looked at the bomb and it read “1 minute”. Lexie yelled

“Sofia we only have 1 minute left until the bomb goes off”.

“I found the candy!” Sofia yelled back.

Lexie grabbed the red candy from Sofia and she put it in the little hole on the side of the bomb. The bomb deactivated and the final door opened. They saw the rest of the maze and the black cat. They decided to follow the cat and made their way out. They saw a witch who laughed and said “Congratulations, you have made it out of my Halloween escape room, here is your candy”.

They looked down in amazement at the big bag of candy that the witch had given them.

They started to walk home and felt so happy about their Halloween adventure and all of the candy they got.


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Children had to demonstrate the knowledge they had learnt about Electricity to crack the code to escape our very own escape room!


We made our own Hub 3 butter and buttermilk . We then made some scones with them . We also did some Procedural Writing about what we did. It was A LOT of learning but we had so much fun and the scones were DELICIOUS!



This year we are continuing with Marist Meals - a pastoral care initiative. These meals are provided to families in the school & parish community when a little extra support is needed (e.g. a new baby, sickness, bereavement). With the impact of covid and many of our school and parish families isolating or unwell, it would be great if we could fill up the freezer so we can help lighten the load for families during these challenging times.

If you would like to contribute, we welcome any homemade, brought meals or baking for our freezer. Meals can be dropped off to the school office.

Containers available at the school office.


St Mary's Parish Foodbank is feeding nearly 2000 a month. PLEASE remember them when you are shopping - they are in desperate need of donations! Anything you can contribute will be very much appreciated.

There is a box on the front porch of the presbytery.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!



Marist School is registered to compete in the Pt England Weetbix Tryathlon in 2023.

East Auckland 2022-2023 Weet-Bix Kids TRYathlon
Pt England Reserve, Pt England
Sunday, 12 February 2023

To register to compete as part of our school group use the link below!

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The St Peter's After School Music Programme is now accepting new enrolments for 2023. Please join us for a presentation/try out afternoon on Tuesday 7th February, 2021 at 3pm at Marist School.

To enrol for 2023, please fill in the form alternatively, please email


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