Eric Saysackdy


Getting There

Going on a plane from Denver,co to Beijing,china. then i will come back to Denver,co.

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Where to Stay

The peninsula beijing is an hotel that is in the capital of beijing and ill be staying in a suite.
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one of the activites was to go to a spa and relax,then i was going to go swimming,finally i was going to go eat at the buffet.
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one problem going to beijing is the toxic air pollution which can kill or make you ill.


I chose this destonation because it will give me time to relax and have fun.

I learned how difficult it is to plan a trip

About the Traveler

Hello im Eric Saysackdy im about to tell you about my self. I love to go outside and go places and live in Denver,Co. My family is from laos,china
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beijing has a long rich history thats backs over 3,000 years. it said that the guyaju cave had homes in it and people thought the tang and the five dynasties lived in there.