The 'Knightly' News

November 2013

ABVM Students Take a Trip to Barkhausen

by: Juliah Linzmeier

On, Wednesday, October 30,2013, our school Assumption B.V.M. took a field trip to Barkhausen Water Fowl Preserve. During our trip, Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade took a tranquil walk in the woods. Meanwhile, 3rd,4th and 5th grade were "swamp'n" with nets ready to go. Emeline Skalecki a 5th grader caught a mud minnow.The students got a chance to check what they caught by a chart that showed them a whole bunch of different animals. Some students ate lunch in "The Mud Room". The mud room is filled with extraordinary taxidermy. After lunch,the groups switched stations. In the woods all of the students got the chance to drill in to a tree.The purpose was to so how old the tree really was.After some more walking, they set out to find animal signs and got "tree cookies" witch are little cuts of wood.Over all it was a great field trip.

Heart of the pack

by: Juliah Linzmeier

Aaron Rodgers is the starting Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers.Do to his recent injury, he is not able to compete.He broke his left collarbone.His backup is also out with a groin injury.The third string quarterback is Scott Tolzien. For the regular season he has 66.9% Cmp ,2,218 Yds , 15 Tds,4 Itn and 108.0 rating. Coach Macarthy is expecting him to be back before the end of the season.

School Election

by: Juliah Linzmeier

At our school, we recently held a school election. The excellent candidates were Derek Andre, Emily Reinhard, Audrey Nelson, Nicolas Compton, William Murphy and Rachel Wasielewski. I spoke with William Murphy, Vice President.Q:Did you expect to win or lose?

A: Up until the other's speeches

Q: How did you get interested in being president?

A: To lead the school in the right direction and to be reasonable about my choices.

Q: Were you surprised that Audrey won?

A: No, because Audrey is trying to get us a ice cream bar.