state facts




state capital:Honolulu

state nickname:The Aloha State

date of statehood:August 21,1959

state flower:Hibiscos

state bird:Nene

state tree:Kukui (candelnut)

intresting facts:Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee,island flowers and colors are used to represent each island,Hawaii was the fifth state addmitted to the union on August 20th,1959

tourist attractions:Pearl Harbor,Wet'n Wild Hawaii (theme park),Hanauma Bay.


state capital:Juneau

state nickname:The Last Frontier

date of statehood:January 3,1959

state flower:Myosotis Alpestris

state bird:Willow ptarmigan

state tree:Picea Sitchensis

intresting facts:alasha is as big as England,France,Italy and Spain combined,only one city in alaska has a larger population than the town of Framington Massachussetts.

tourist attractions:Alaska Sea LIfe Center,H2Oasis Indoor waterpark,Portage Glacier.


state capital:Sacramento

state nickname:The Golden State

date of statehood:September 9,1850

state flower:Eschscholzia californica

state bird:California Quail

state tree:SeQuoi Dendron Giganteum

intresting facts:in pacific grove there is a law on the books astablishing $500 fine for molesting butterflies,in atwater castle air museum has the largest winter population.

tourist attractions:Disney Land,San Diego Zoo,Lego Land California.