Mackinac Island

The Place to Be

The Fudge Shops!

In Mackinac, there are many fudge shops. Mackinac is known for their fudge. In the fudge shops, you can see the bakers making the fudge. They do layer over layer over layer of creamy fudge. They also have a plethora of flavors. My personal favorite was the cookie dough fudge I had in Mackinac.

Fort Michilimackinac

Fort Michilimackinac is an old military fort in Mackinac Island where part of the War of 1812 took place. It isn't in use any more. It is now used as a museum/memorial. It shows how people survived during the war and how they lived their lives. It also teaches visitors how the war played out and what happened during the war.

Mackinac Island Tours

Mackinac Island allows no vehicles except for emergency vehicles. The transportation methods are bike and carriage by horse. On carriage tours, your guide will tell you about interesting facts about buildings and other sights. They may also let you in on Mackinac Island secrets.
Mackinac Island Carriage Tour Part 1

The Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel is a historic hotel that was built back when Mackinac Island wasn't used as a Military Fort. It is on the coast of Mackinac Island. The hotel is a very formal hotel. The Grand Hotel has had many U.S. Presidents, Vladimir Puten, Thomas Edison, and Mark Twain.
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"Mackinac Island has the most beautiful sunsets and amazing land forms. If I could have a summer house up there I would buy it in a second." ~Brad McKouen (my Dad)