Middle Age life

The Plague

The Plague was a disease that spread throughout most of Europe, and was passed from infected fleas to humans that they would feed on and in doing this began the spread of the disease. The people of this time (not knowing how to actually treat this) came up with different ways to try to cure and stop this from spreading, one of these treatments was called.

Vinegar and Water- the patient would be washed in vinegar and rose water in hopes that it would wash the illness out of the body.

They also tried to stop it from spreading by using Sanitation.

Sanitation- back in this time periods this was a means of cleaning the streets of people, living and dead, along with all of the waste and would dig a big pit. Putting all of the dead bodies and waste in the pit and setting it all on fire trying to burn the disease with all the dead bodies of the people that had it.


Farmers to Raiders

The vikings were a group of raiders from Scandinavia but all started off as farmers. These groups were pagans who worshiped the Nordan gods, and whose culture was mainly centered around fighting , but their main god was Oden. They were also successful in their raids by attacking from the water; Vikings would be the ones to design the long boats that allowed them to move fast and easily through shallow waters.

Kingdom of France

this kingdom was located within France and Belgium. This kingdom experiences few battles and some of the more important ones would be when king Philip started a was with England for control of the French territories. The Battle of Bouvines would be another because they fought the english again and took over Normandy, Maine, Anjou, and Aquitaine


These were battles for the holy lands. The first crusade was the only one to actually win. One of the crusades was the Children's Crusades. They believed that these children would win because they thought that god would protect them, after the loss the surviving children were put into slavery.