RISE Wilroads Gardens

Office hours 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Important dates:

September 6- No School- Labor Day

September 15- Parent Teacher Conferences 3:30pm to 6:00pm

September 16- No School- Parent Teacher Conferences 12:30pm to 7:30pm

September 17- No School

September 29- 90 Minute Late Start

About Mr. Legg and RISE

This is Mr. Legg's 18th year in education and his first year as a school Administrator. He is excited that he has the opportunity to lead this new program and looking forward to the positive impact this program will have on the students, families and staff.


As the Principal of RISE I see it as an opportunity for students to establish trusting relationships in a small setting while working on individual needs to make them more successful in a traditional school setting. With the use of small classrooms, para supports, and sensory friendly classrooms each student can work for a successful transition. All students also receive an appropriate district- approved curriculum to help in the transition as well.

RISE Wilroads Gardens is a K-12 Day School run by SKACD 613 at RISE we look to Respect, Inspire, Support, and Empower each student and help support them individually. The overall goal is for each student to transition back to their home school successfully. We assist in the transition by following our vision which is providing holistic education, resources, and support focused on the individualized social and emotional needs to foster the success of all students. During the day we look to establish trusting relationships, promote self-direction and critical thinking. Build academic skills and behavior support, and transition back to the home school. At RISE everyone has the responsibility to respect other students, staff, and property, include others in activities, help others feel safe, and allow everyone to learn in a live classroom setting. Also, everyone has the right to be rested, be included, feel safe at school, and pursue individual interest each may have.