Pitch and a Match

Support a Change Leader from Reach for Change

Getting Involved

We are looking for smart, brave and passionate individuals who are willing to volunteer their time and expertise to support our amazing Change Leaders. The Change Leaders are the most inspiring social entrepreneurs Sweden has to offer, but there are a lot of different aspect to running a business, and no one is an expert in everything.

Their needs may be anything such as a simple conversation about how to approach an issue or supporting them on layout, design and logo advice.

Below are a list of the current needs, and the names of the organizations so you can learn more about them.

Experts Needed!

  • Copy and Layout Support - Looking to create 1 or 2 small folders that will contain the most important things every grownup should know to be able to help and support a child in grief Randiga Huset

  • Website Support - Help in making a 'chat function' to the website Underbara ADHD

  • Sales - Support making a clear sales package Underbara ADHD

  • Creating an infographic - Support with both content and design Peppy Pals

  • Short Promo video - Advice on best practices and who to hire Peppy Pals

  • Digital Power - Help with a simple and user-friendly concept with tools to facilitate e-learning and improve communication Right2Choose

  • Online Questionnaire - Help with creating a questionnaire to pop up after a conversation ends on the chat function Föreningen Storasyster

Contact Details

If you are interested in supporting one of our Change Leaders or would like to have a bit more info, please get in contact with our

Program Officer in Sweden

Nina Miller

The Change Leaders

Sandra Kinnaman - Expeditionen

Expeditionen is a leadership and social entrepreneurship programs for youth in Botkyrka

Elin Wernquist Roberts- Barnrättsbyrån

Barnrättsbyrån works with children and youth's human rights. It is Sweden's first open business devoted to children's rights and which offer individual pratical help, support and advice.

Anton Håkanson - An app for children with autism

A digital calendar app for people with autism, which supports them throughout the day and they can plan at their own pace

Sanna Bergendahl - Föreningen Storasyster

Föreningen Storasyster mentors sexually abused children so that they are able to talk about their experiences.

Arkan Asaad - Right2Choose

Educating about forced marriage, human rights and the right to choose your own life.

Georgios Karpathakis - Underbara ADHD

A platform where children with ADHD and their families and others can educate one another and improve their understanding of the diagnosis.

Johanna Valentin - Utsiktstornet

Using chess as an educational tool to give children a playful opportunity to develop both socially and intellectually

Rosie Linder and Jesper Engström - Peppy Pals

A mobile EQ game that teaches kids about friendship and empathy, to prevent them form being bullied or bullying others.

Mario Hässledal - Building Bridges

To raise the school attendance of Roma children, functioning as a link between social services, schools and Roma families

Madeleine Opira - A Million Minds

A think tank working to motivate and improve the conditions for youths living in Stockholm's housing projects.

Catharina Richter and Monica Nanni - Randiga Huset

Supporting grieving children and their families while also raising awareness about children in mourning