Fluid functions in cars and humans

By : Palvisha - 805

Fluids and fluid functions in cars and humans.

Fluids are essential for the function of many non living objects such as vehicles as well as for the function of living organisms, such as us, humans. We use fluids all the time from cooking, to cleaning to recreation. Fluids have specific functions to aid us. Functions preformed by fluids in cars and humans are very similar but also differ in many ways . Similar functions performed by fluids found in cars and the human body are : cooling, limiting movement - protection/decreasing friction and other similarities such as cleaning, filtering and osmosis as well as sending signals to enable movement to specific parts .

Similarities ( cooling )

Similarities ( protection/decreasing un-wanted friction )

SIMILARITIES ( various similarities )


In conclusion, there are many similarities between the functions preformed by fluids in both humans and cars, including some of which that were mentioned above such as : decreasing unwanted friction,cooling,protection,delivering nutrients,osmosis ..etc. Each and everyone of these functions is just as important as the other. If the fluids required to preform these functions were not available, then nor the car or our bodies would be able to work or function properly because of the deficiency of that fluid. Fluids are important to every day life, without fluids life couldn't exist since water is a fluid. Fluids are found every where even in our cells, they are just that crucial. These are some similarities between car and body fluid functions and why fluids are necessary to our lives.