A group of poems.

By Jason Appleton

Senses For the environment

Pine cones hanging and dropping

The breeze whispering in my ear

The deceased yellow grass

Crunchy ripe peaches on the tree

The splinters burning in my hand.

Ode To Headphone Guy

It was pretty cool

how a mountain

with a waterfall running into a pink lake

could hit you with a spinning hat.

Your amazing headphones

your red face

and yellow eyes

Shine just like your chainsaw

Elegy to my Dog Max

Oh my dog Max got ran over

He lived a short life

Only lived for 1 year

I just want to see him one last time.

The way he did things

in his own way

He was like no ordinary dog

did anything he wanted.

Everything's okay know I've learned

dogs and cars don't go together

I should pay more attention to my next dog

I'd do anything to see him on last time

Life Is Like A Castle

Life is like a castle

there are many mysteries to life

and you never know whats next

maybe something you like maybe not

There will always be a secret

to the hardest things in life

there are secret doors

you never knew about.

What I did for the weekend

I built quickly

the tough as nails

metal foundry

in the blank garage.

When i was 6 years old

Jack in the box

Adventuring outside.

Sandwiches for lunch.

Oliver my neighbor’s dog always came running into our yard.

Never taking a break.

Apple juice before my dad went to work.

Peaches were the most amazing fruit.

Pokémon was what I did for time to go by.

Loved Blue’s Clues.
Everyone though I loved apples.

Tortoise for a pet was the worst choice.

Oranges I absolutely hated.

Nine was my bedtime.

30 years later in life

Jumping out of planes


Software Engineer

Outstanding family

Next generation

Amazing office

People ask for help

People ask too many questions

Living in Texas

Everlasting amusement

Time means a lot


Never making a mistake


The drums amazing beat

The trombones slid moving fast

The clarinets high sound

The saxophones perfect pitch

The french horns always on time

The trumpets perfect notes.