Enjoy the ride

and beat the winter blues

We've made it to the mid-way mark of February! As I type this newsletter, Boston is in a winter weather advisory with extreme windchill heading our way (-26 degrees!). I have to believe that spring will be coming into view within the next 8 weeks! But guess what? The dreadful weather is a perfect reason to get fun women out of hibernation and give them a chance to connect with their girlfriends. If you think about it, there is always one friend who pulls people together, throws out a date and voila, a happy and fun morning or night is created. I had a trunk show on Thursday night and the women were SO HAPPY to get out of their house to laugh, drink and re-connect with friends, and boy, were they in the mood to shop! Plenty of "to me, from me" justifiable purchases plus loads of gifts for upcoming bat mitzvahs, confirmation, first communion, birthdays, etc. One women ordered her sister a few bracelets and a pair of earrings "just because". So sweet! I loved getting to know everyone and learning about how they knew the hostess. It reminded me once again, that this gig is great! We are offering women the opportunity to feel good about themselves inside and out! It's good to remember that as Stylists, we set the tone and the vibe! Go into each trunk show with great energy, a positive attitude and focus on fun!

Who can you reach out to and offer a fun way to reconnect with girlfriends? It starts with you!

This might work for you...

Who do you know that has kids in private school? Last month I received an order from a women whose daughter attends an all-girls private school. Their auction is coming up and I suggested she think about our engravable bar necklace or bracelets with the school's name and/or graduation year. She went to the auction committee and ordered 50 engravable bar necklaces! I took care of the shipping and offered her a 10% discount. She was thrilled and so was I!

Then it occurred to me, there are PLENTY of private schools within Boston that I could tap into so I started to reach out with a screen shot of what I could offer. Definitely thinking outside of the box.... Upcoming graduations from high school - zipcode of their hometown? longitude and latitude of where they are going to college? Take some time to jot some names down of people you know that could be your networker into a private school or college and send them either an email or handwritten note with your great idea to create a sense of community and pride within their school.

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A good reminder for all of us - especially in the dead of winter...

It's always good to remember that this business is simple but let's be honest, it's not always easy. That doesn't mean you throw in the towel because sometimes it's hard to find your next trunk show. It means you may need to reassess, realign and re-focus on what you need to do, or do differently to get the results you are wanting. I am definitely guilty of recreating the same patterns and expecting stelar results. I finally said "screw it" this week and picked up the 50 pound phone because I wanted and needed BETTER results. I personally called 2 people a day, left a bunch of messages, booked 2 shows (out of 10 phone calls) and realized that because I changed my approach (i.e. did not hide behind email) - I made connections and moved my business in the direction I wanted... forward not back. So, take a few minutes this weekend to do a little self analysis... not self criticism! What do you do well? Which areas do you know you need to improve? How much time are you committing to S&D? Can you shut off the Kardashians and instead use that hour to work on your business instead? Really, who cares about Kim and Kayne anyway?!!? Use your precious time wisely and I guarantee you will see the results you are looking for to make more money, book more trunk shows, build a team and promote.

Enjoy the ride, Divas and be proud of who you are!



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Kristen Weiss, Director & Founding Leader

I'm off to Florida this week with my family to visit my in-laws.

I'll be back in the S&D saddle next weekend!