Stress Management Institute

By: Ryan and Joey

In the workplace

Being stressed at your job can effect how much work you can get done. Your mindset is important when at work you need to focus and need to be mentally there.

Health Consequences

Too much stress can have many consequences. Some would be not eating or eating too much, elevated blood pressure, and sleeping problems. These are all things you want to be normal and stress can have a negative effect on these.

Stress In The Workplace

Happens with too many hours being worked or too little pay. Having a bad working environment or negative co workers.

Positive Stress At Work

Practicing and re reading memos for clients at work can be stressful to think about. But if you practice this because you're stressed it will go bad then you're more likely to do good. Which in the end will only have positive effects in your work.

Warning Signs

Signs of stress are being unsocial, getting pimples or acne, no motivation, and depression. These are all signs of people in the workplace and how stress can effect them.

Reduce Stress Levels

In the workplace you can relieve stress by taking a break, getting coffee, talking to co workers, play on computer or listen to music.

The Statistics

Physical symptoms caused by stress-77%

Psychological symptoms caused by stress-73%

Living with extreme stress-33%

Have difficulties with personal and professional life-31%