Outlaw of the Overthrow

The illegal overthrow


The overthrow of the Hawaiian kingdom wasn't as easy how it looked. It took a lot of power and people in order to overthrow Hawaii. These people who had overthrown the kingdom are U.S. Minister John L. Stevens, President Groover Cleveland, and President William Mckinley.


I think the over throw of Hawaii is an important event in U.S. and Hawaiian history. I think this is important because even though a lot of bad things that happen during the overthrow, Hawaii today is helpful to the united states and United States is very helpful to Hawaii also. i want readers to know that even though Hawaii is a lot of advantage to the United States today, there were many deaths and unfair advantages.


After learning about the overthrow of the Hawaii kingdom and how it was taken over, id say that the foreigners had no right to make Hawaii part of their union. When foreigners first started to come to Hawaii, Hawaiians welcome them to their land. But when they saw that they could possibly take over Hawaii, they slowly attempt out to control the islands. They didn't have hard time either because, compare to Hawaii, the United States had a stronger force.


On July 4,1898 Hawaii was annexed to the United States. A resolution called Newlands resolution was signed by McKinley on 7 July. On august 12 on the same year, a ceremony was held to lower the Hawaiian flag, And to raised the American flag. This ceremony was held at Iolani Palace. The following picture below was taken on the day of the ceremony, showing the lowering of the Hawaiian flag.

Big image


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