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I will be telling you about the physical and human geography of Paraguay. I will be talking about the economy, government, and more. Paraguay is 406,752 sq. km and that is all the area of the country. Paraguay is in Central South America, northeast of Argentina, southwest of Brazil. I will now talk about the climate.


The climate in Paraguay is really simple. There is no real season. There is about 60 inches rain per a year. There is no real different between spring and fall.


In Paraguay they speak guaraní and spanish.

Flag and population

Population is estimated to 5.6 million. land is not evenly distribute15-40 people per square mile. Paraguay is very patriotic. They celebrate many historic days.
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Push Me for national anthem

Paraguay National Anthem


In Paraguay there are 17 state and capital city.President Horacio Cartes is the head of goverment. There are 45 people on Chamber of Senators. There are 80 people on Chamber of Deputies. They all get five year terms. There is a law that says you have to vote fron age 18 to 75.


Paraguay's military consiste of army, navy, and the air force. All of the 17 and 17 year ols males with their 18th birthday coming uo are liable for one year of active duty.

Dating and Marriage

Their Dating and Marriage is simple. The guys has to met the family. They have to be suppervide when on a date. The guys have to have the permisson to date the girl from girls parents. The girls have to be fiveteen years old to date.


Paraguay has different kind of food depending on their diet and meat that they have.


The theater productions are in spanish, Guaraní polka and guarania. The music Feature have harps and guitar.


Paraguay farmers either have livestock or do subsistence faming.


In Paraguay poor people have huts. The rich people have mansions.
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Small towm have small clinic. They have poor health and malnutrition for kids. They also unsanitary conditions.

Personal Apperance

The Women cares about clothing. Men don't cares about clothing. They don't wear suits & ties. Flip flops are only to wear at home. They wear ao poí or loosely woven cotton fabric.


The mean age is 7.7 years of school. 91% of people compete school. the enrolement is free but you have to buy uniforms & supplies.


They have religious and nonreligious holidays. Here are some example of religious holidays are Assumption of Mary and Virgin of Caacupénational. Here are some example of nonreligious holidays are Independence Day.


In paraguay buses are the main rual people transportation or they walk. The wealthier people have cars. Horse- or ox-drawn carts are also comman.


Paraguay joined the Mercosur trade bloc. But they got suspended from the bloc in June 2012. Then they were reinstated in August 2013 and have been in it since.


Francisco Solano Lópe started the War of the Triple Alliance (Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay). Also he started the three-year Chaco War with Bolivia. Then he die and everything went back to the way they were before the war.


Most popular sport in paraguay is soccer.


In paraguay some people belive in gods. Ñanderuvuçú is the creature of world. Who lives in dark region of the earth. His wife is Ñandeçy know as Our mother.Their son is Tupa thunder god. God of death and vengeance is Yahira.

Ethnic Groups

The ethinc groups in Paraguay are 95% mestizo (mixed Spanish and Amerindian) and 5% other ethic groups.

Merchant Marine (Ships)

The total merchant marine is 19. The Country comparison to the worls is 96. By type is cargo 13, container 3, passenger 1, petroleum tanker 1 roll on/roll off 1 and foreign-owned is g (Argentina 5, and Netherland 1)


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