Health/PE and Safety

Here's what we did in class this week!

Fitness Wheel!

This week the fitness wheel decided what exercises we did. If you want to catch up on some fitness before the holiday please pick any exercises you want from this wheel and perform them to the best of your ability. (if it's hard to read the wheel, the words are written below)

Mouse position

25 Jumping Jacks

15 Squats

25 shoulder presses

Balance on one leg and follow Manny

Simon Says


Warrior pose

shoulder stretch

hug a knee stretch

jog in place


10 push ups

squat and hold 30 seconds

mountain pose w/ 3 deep breathes

neck stretch

12 lunges

jump rope 20 seconds

cat pose

lateral leg stretch

shoulder raises

Try to do as many of the exercises as you can in 30 minutes!

Some of the leg stretches

Get the body moving and have fun!

No grades assignments this week!

Jeopardy next week!