Marine Ecosystems

How humans have effect on Wtersheds and Oceans -By Cay-


Humans have negatively affected all marine ecosystems, even watersheds. Here are a few :)

1) Toxins and Chemicals getting into ocean water

Chemicals and other poisonous stuff gets into the ocean and sometimes ground water by runoff or it seeping in under ground.

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2) People draining aquifers

People drain aquifers for water underground and cause cave ins and other natural disasters.

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3) Overfishing

overfishing takes away some necessities
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4) Pesticides Kill

pesticides kill animals, mostly penguins because of their toxins.
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5) Oil Spills

oil spills cause mammals to die by them stopping flow of body heat.
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1) Recycling

we can do little things such as plastic holes and no littering.
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2) conserve water

we can save water and purify it to make it cleaner

3) conserve fish

eat sustainable fish and buy less certain fish based things
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4) be organic

use less fertilizer and use more organic products to grow crops
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5) help

Such as Dawn Helps Save Wildlife you can do little things such as help animals at the beach or volunteer for different marine support programs
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