A Second Look

Mrs. Taylor's Weekly Newsletter

Happy Thursday!


I am sending this early since I will be gone tomorrow and Monday. Please discuss with the kids that they should be just as quiet for a sub as they should for me. Let me know if you have any questions about the conference notes. I will check my email on Monday night when I get back.


Mrs. Taylor

Learning Topics

Weekly skills


Monday: 3.4 use doubles to add

Tuesday: 3.5 doubles plus one and double minus one

Wednesday: 3.5 continued

Thursday: 3.6 practice and strategies

Friday: 3.6 continued


One Frogs, Two Frogs

Animal Moms and Dads

Followed by Daily Five

Phonics Skill: short o

Writing: our handwriting curriculum is called "Handwriting Without Tears"

Art: Columbus Ship

Times For Kids: Ways we get to school!


Monday, Oct. 26th, 5pm to Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 7:15pm

Phillipsburg Elementary School, Phillipsburg, KS, United States

Phillipsburg, KS