Team Hootylicious News

Happy Halloween!!!!

Don't Forget!

That ALL parties MUST be closed in the back office by 11:59pm Eastern October 31st!!! I am so excited for the new system! It truly is so user friendly and has so many wonderful new features! You all will LOVE it!! Please be sure to keep an eye on the back office for more training webinars and be sure to watch what has already been posted!

We are ROCKIN' this month!!!

We are already well over $300,000 in wholesale volume this month! I am so proud of all the hard work that each of you do!!!

So many of you are sooooo close to promoting! This is a wonderful time of year to promote! You will earn more from your down line which means larger team over ride checks which means more money at the Holiday season!!! Who couldn't use more money for the Holidays?

November is going to be HUGE!! Be sure that you are prepared with TOMs and Order Forms!!! You don't want to run out during our busiest time of year!!!

As we are closing out the month the top 5 designers as of right now are:

1. Janet Olivieri

2. Renae Lamm

3. Gloria Barber

4. Cindy Lowe

5. Tiffany Beatley

All of these fabulous designers are over $4,000 pv!!!!!! Congratulations ladies!!!


To all the new team members! You have joined Origami Owl at a VERY exciting time of year!! Be sure to check with your mentors regularly if you have any questions about your business! They are your first point of contact and are here to help your business GROW!!!

Also, if you have not been added to the Team Hootylicious facebook page please ask your mentor to add you right away! I post valuable information there daily and have training updates and discuss how you can grow your business on there! It is also a great place the "meet" your team members and get inspiration and motivation to be the best Origami Owl Independent Designer you can be!!!