Animal Farm

Taylor Bumgarner


Napoleon is a controlling and conceded boar. He doesn't seem to care about how much work the pigs do as long as all the other animals are following his orders. In napoleons mind all pigs are better and smarter than the other animals even though the commandment say "all animal are equal". Napoleon has the other animals call him comrade napoleon or leader because he is above all animals except his own kind.
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Dangers of being uneducated

All pigs were able to get education while the other animals didn't get as much education. While the pigs could read and write the other animals had trouble learning the first couple of letters. The pigs did not knowledge the fact that the other animals weren't learning and made sure the pigs did. According to napoleon pigs are the smartest animals.

Boxers death

Boxer was doing his daily work when he got hurt. The animals sent to him off to a hospital but when the truck came to pick boxer up the truck said animal slaughterer. It turned out that it was an animal hospital and boxer was put to sleep.
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I can compare napoleon to Stalin. I can compare him to stalin because they are both stubborn and dictators. They had rule over all and assumed everything was about themselves. Another reason they are similar is the way they both kicked someone out.