The Crucible

Themes and Characters

Abigail Williams

Abigail Williams is the nice of Reverend Parris. In the play, her and a couple of her friends were caught in the woods dancing. They were accused of practicing witch craft. She was the girl that convinced the other girls accused to play along in a lie to save their life's. Her plan worked for awhile, but in the end the truth became known and she ran away to save her own life.

John Procter

In the play John Procter was a very respected man. He was a farmer and a person that did a lot
in the community. He had three kids with his wife Elizabeth Procter. Him and his wife also had a servant named Abigail Williams. John ended up having an affair with her, and his wife later on fount out and fired her. After that at the end of the play, John let the guilt of committing adultery kill him and he was hung.

Reverend John Hale

Reverend John Hale is a preacher, and he is known for being an expert on whitch craft. He came to see Reverend Parris's nice Abigail, and her friends that were accused of practicing whitch craft. Abigail convinced her friends to go along with a plan to get back at the town for always ordering them around. They had everybodys life in their hands. Many innocent people were hung because of them. Who ever they said was a part of whitch craft Reverend Hale would sign a papper for them to be hung. After everybody realized that the people that was hung was innocent, the blood of the people was on his hands.

Modern Conection

Reverend Hale, John Procter, and Abigail Williams are connected to a play, The Crucible. They are all connected by Abigail Williams. John is connected to Abigail because he has an affair with her. She was a servant for him before his wife fount out. Reverend Hale is connected to Abigail because he was trying to make her better from were she was doing witch craft because everybody thought that her and her friends were possess. These three characters are connected by the lie she told and the plan she came up with. Reverend Hale and John Procter was brought together because of her.