Come to Texas!

Everyone will be there, will you?

You should come to Texas because:


In Texas, we have everything from meat to dried vegetables. We also have basic food products such as: sugar, flour, and salt. You can also collect wild berries and nuts.


Some colonies will have schools but most of the time parents will home school kids. You don't have to worry about your children getting an education because they will get one no matter what.


Land in Texas is great because it is cheap and there is a lot of it. Here land is $1.25/acre and in Texas land is 12.5 cents/acre. Instead of paying for all of your land at once you can pay for it over a span of several years. There since you will most likely be buying more than just one acre you will probably get some type of water on your land since we have so many rivers in Texas. The land will also have fertile soil so that you can farm and sell some of the stuff you grew so you can have some money. There is always good climate as well.


When you are in Texas it does not matter what kind of home you build but there might already be a log cabin on your property it will probably have a dog run and another cabin connected to it for when your family gets bigger. Those would be the easiest kind of homes to have all the family is in the same room almost all of the time, have an extra room, and have the dog run. They would be the most compatible.

If You Want To Live Here

You Must:

  • Be Catholic
  • Speak Spanish and be in good character
  • Have no slaves/ do slavery