Geography of the Vietnam War

By: Jared J.

Vietnam's Location

Vietnam borders the Pacific Ocean, and lays on the southeast part of Asia. Its coordinates are 21.0333 degrees North, and 105.8500 degrees East.

Who Borders Vietnam?

Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and China border Vietnam.

The Weather of Vietnam

Its 9 to 23 degrees in the northern part of Vietnam. Temperatures are high in central and southern part of Vietnam. Some snow occurs in the mountains, and in dry season, its hot with much sunshine.

The Land of Vietnam

Its a low, flat delta in the north and south. Central highlands are hilly, mountainous in far north and northwest.

The People of Vietnam

Their population is between 70 million and 80 million. They speak Vietnamese. Call themselves Buddhists. Their most important holiday is Tet, which means New Years. A family would have to have children.

Vietnam compared to the 1960's to Today

In the 1960's, Vietnam had no freedom. Everyone had a terrible life. Protests went on as the Vietnam War did. Today, everyone praises their veterans, and thanks to them, Vietnam now has their freedom.

What I learned from the Veterans

The Vietnam War was started because of World War II. The French wanted Vietnam back after they won the war. The United States army was very sneaky. The United States army camped out on mountains, and kept watch. Helicopters had to drop off Food, ammunition, etc. for the army. There were mines and traps everywhere, so people were very nervous walking out there. ETC.
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