Strangest Thing That I Ever Saw

By: Angel Bailon

Strangest Thing That I Ever Saw

What is the strangest thing you have ever seen in your life? The strangest thing that I have seen in my life was a ghost like shadow standing right in front of me. It all started when I moved into a new house.

It was a dark and stormy night I couldn't sleep so I went to the kitchen and got a cold glass of milk. Once I was done I had decided to go sprinting back to my room. On my way back to my room I had tripped over my brothers shoe. After I had tripped over my brothers shoe I had started to bleed. It had turned out that I had bumped my head against the wall plus I had cut my knee because there was a nail sticking out of the wall.

Once I started crying I ran to my room and covered myself with all the blankets that I had. After I had covered myself with the blankets I had fallen asleep, I had fallen asleep the whole time. Then once everyone had woken up including me I had ran to my parents and told them everything that I had seen. At first they didn't believe

me, but later that they had experienced the same thing as me. The following morning they had told me what had happened, and then they had told me that they had believed me.

The following day I decided to look up some information about the house that we were living in. I had found out that the house was built in the 1900’s by a man and his family. Also I had found out that there was a person who had died in the house because he was murdered by his wife . That person that I had seen was the person that had died inside the house. Later that night the same thing had happened to me as the first night, I had tripped over my shoe and saw the ghost standing in front of me. Morning had came and then I told my parents, then they had called a priest. He had blessed the house and then gave me a cross necklace.

Once the house was blessed and that I had the necklace the ghost had never came back after that. A couple of months had passed and I had felt safe so I had decided to take off the necklace but it was a bad mistake. Later that night I woke up and ran to get a drink of water and looked up and had seen something….