Wonder Struck

Brian Selznick


The genre of the book is realistic fiction.

The overall tone of the book

The overall tone of the book was a serious (and a little sad, too) because it tallks about the death of his mother, his dad leaving the family and how he went deaf. It was also adventurous by having Ben go to New York City.


Ben Wilson, who is the main character, had to deal with the death of his mother.` When Ben goes back to his moms house he goes into her bedroom and finds a necklace with a pictrue of a man on it. Ben thinks that the picture may be his dad. He tries to call his father, but while he is dialing the phone number, lighting strikes the house and Ben gets electicuted. Ben wakes up in a hospital room, but dosen't know why he is in there. The doctors tell him what happened and he starts to freak out. He runs away to New York City to try and find his dad. He is not successfull at finding his father, however, he meets Jamie, a young boy his age, at a museum that tires to help Ben find his dad. Ben and his new friend don't find his dad, but they do uncover the life of a woman named Rose. It turns out that these picture were taken 50 years earlier.


Keep serching for the asnwers because ben went to New York and he went to the house he thugt his Dad lived in and his Dad did not live there and the he went to a musem and his Dad had never been there either.

Foil charectors

Bens mom was never really shy and ben youst to be like a turtle and he was very shy.

Question for ben

If I could ask ben a question I would ask him wh ydid he dicide to got to New York City just like that \