Becoming a better Ricky

Ricky Cheng 3rd hour

How to become more authentic

I am a typical teenager who lives each day modestly. I want to become a successful person who is closer to God. I can achieve this goal by going to mass more, praying the rosary on my free time, and receiving more sacraments. When I receive more and more sacraments, I can grow closer to God.

Dreams and Hopes

My dream job is to be a Formula 1 driver. My passions are automobiles and race cars. I love cars. My dreams for the future is that I can grow closer with Christ. I want to be a successful person who can raise a family. My dream is that I can raise a family, and bring me and my family closer to Christ. My future vocation is to become a good example for my children. I vocation is to lead them into a Christian life which they can pass on. I will use the Theology of the Bible as a guide for both myself and my family. I will teach and use it as a guide to the right path.


I will pray more in life in hopes of growing my relationship with God.

I desire to become a more understanding person by learning how to be more compassionate.

I will exercise my mind physically and mentally to help create a closer relationship with God.