Thomas Edison

By Corey Hicks

Personal Information

  • Thomas Alva Edison
  • Born February 11th, 1847, Milan, Ohio
  • Motivated
  • committed

Job Objective

  • A career in product development focused on inventing and developing new product that'll enhance the companies productivity

Perfessional Experience

Western Union Telegraph Company

  • Worked as a motivated telegraph operator

Laws Gold Indicator Company

  • Worked as a qualified manager and exceeded expectations
  • Employer- Dr. S.S Laws

West Orange NJ Research Factory

  • Director of factory and oversaw and participated in the companies biggest achievements

General Electric

  • CEO and owner of the company

Big image
Within the West Orange Research Factory developing new inventions

Educational Background

Graduated High school but didn't attend college


  • Pioneered over 1000 patients
  • Developed an early automobile powered by electricity
  • Formulated and developed the phonograph
  • Enhanced and perfected the light bulb
  • Development General electric
  • Headed the first electric power plant

Awards and Honors

Congressional Gold Medal

  • Highest civilian award from the U.S. Congress

Franklin Medal

  • Scientific award for scientific research accomplishments

John Fritz Medal

  • Outstanding scientific engineering.


  • Henry Ford
  • Peter Cooper Hewitt
  • Dr. S.S. Laws
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Me and Peter Cooper Hewitt looking at the West Orange Research Factory