Ban on Pitbulls?

Ban on Pitbulls

Pitbulls are considered a viscous fighting and jaw-locking dog, and maybe one of the most dangerous breeds of dogs. Some countrys are banning pitbulls because of the fatal accidents that have been occuing with this breed. I believe that pitbulls are not as mean as people make them seem to be. With the right training and raising , you can have a well trained and obidient dog.

Dogs are like humans

Dogs Like humans our raised and taught to act a certain away to obtain a certain behavior. Most people bypass the fact that dogs are raised to act a certain way and if a dog is acting very mean and unloyal it is because he was mistreated our abused by an owner. Similar to humans, if a kid was mistreated their whole life they will have a mean and untamed mindset which will cause them to misbehave. Dogs need love and tender care but also the proper discipline to shape them up to be that model dog everyone wants. Pitbulls are no different from any other dog and this also applies to them too. Any pitbull can be raised and trained to become obidient and loyal.

Pitbulls are the most common dog used for dog fighting

Pitbulls are stereo-typed as a fighting dog. They have been used for fighting for many years. Just because they have been stereo-typed to fighting does not mean every pitbull was intended to fight. There is a lot of stereo-typing involved with the banning of Pitbulls. Just like people stereo type arabs for terrorist. Not all Arabs are terrorist, yet very few of them are but since one inccident happened they are all being stereo typed for other individuals actions. Same goes for pitbulls. Just because the actions of humans using these dogs for fighting, they now suffer from being stereo typed as a fighting breed.

There have been many bad inccidents from pitbulls

Many pitbulls have been found in very bad a gruesome situations that most people would not be able to bare. Some have attacked and some have even killed harmless people , even some children. Yet this does not mean that we have to hold the whole breed accountable for these actions. If some that was hispanic american committed a crime, would you like to be held accountable for the crime too even thought you had nothing to do with it. For every single pitbull it is like this for them and we do not see that things we are argueing about relate so much to our human lives. Even if dogs are so different from humans they are also extrememly similar in behavior and instinct.

Ban on pitbulls is not neccessary

A ban on pitbulls should not be passed no matter what the evidence proves of them being reckless and viscious. They deserve to have more credit to their breed because they are beautiful dogs that love to play and have fun with their loved ones. Instead of always viewing the bads that have occured with these dogs, take time to view their qualities and inteligence. I believe only an owner of a pitbull will understand how Pitbulls are like any other breed.