Me as a leader

( in 20 years )

Description of ME 😛

My name is Nadia. I care for everything and everyone because they are all here for a reason I don't know what I might do in 20 years but I'm exited to see what great things I can accomplish

My words

Some of my famous words will be.......... Don't follow a crowd be a leader and people will follow you. It's hard to think of good words when I'm only eleven maybe I could think of more in 20 years!!

My Actions

One of my actions is I will help the homeless and I will stop cruelty in any part of the world and I will find cures for any sickness because my sister has cancer and nobody knows a cure so I will try my best to help her because I love her.

A leader because ...............

I'm going to be a good leader because there isn't really a lot of people like me and want to do the stuff I do so I think I could make a difference in the world for everybody .