We want blocked schedules.

By: Mandy, Maxwell, and Michelle.

Flyer: Mandy


Students who are stressed from their amount of school work, who stay up until 3 in the morning doing homework that is due the next day, and who are so exhausted and can't concentrate.


Students who want more time off from school.

Teachers who need more time to grade.


My campaign will motivate and encourage students who want a block schedule.

Target audience

High school students

Ad Placement

Posted around the school and also will be sent home with students.

Propaganda Techniques

Bandwagon and testimonial.

A lot of people are saying how they love blocked schedules, so kids reading the flyer will be persuaded and like blocked schedules too. Testimonial shows how people like blocked schedules, so the kids reading the flyer can relate because both the speaker and the reader are both students.

Ad: Maxwell

Poster: Michelle


Teachers who need more time to grade and want more time for themselves.


Students who want to be less stressed

Teachers who want more time over all to do other things.


Target Audience


Ad Placement