Marketing Plan of the Bird House

By: Preethi Kanumuri

Prices, Discounts, and Extra

The price for the Bird house would be $5 to $15.

The discounts would be if you buy minimum of $25 online then it would be free shipping.

You can subscribe online and recieve free coupons.

Purpose Of It

It can be used in many ways:

1: Decorative Piece

2: Can hang it in your porch

3: Made for birds so when its cold outside they can come in and stay (shelter)

How It's Made

The Birdhouse is made up with recycled products.

Its is made up of two main materials. They are :

Round orange juice can.


Optional: A decorative bird

Whom It's useful To

The birdhouse is made for kids that ages from

5+ to 13.