Madison Cleary

Is coal a renewable resource?

Coal is a nonrenewable resource, use it once, and it just turns to ash!

Coal takes MILLIONS of years to form.

Where is coal found?

Coal is most often found in North America.

Coal must be mined in order to be used.

Coal is underground.

How is coal used as an energy source?

Coal must be mined before it can be used as an energy source! Using coal is an energy source is very bad for the environment though.

Is coal expensive?

Coal is expensive, however it is the cheapest form of energy.

Prices for coal vary from 50-100 dollars per ton.

Who uses Coal?

Coal is used to produce energy for communities, one individual home, alone, can not run on coal.

Coal generates more than 40 percent of the earth's energy.

Every year we go through 6 BILLION tons!