Mrs. Davies Technology Policy

Language Arts 10/20

I will choose elegantly efficient technology to activate my students with irresistable, engaging learning experiences.

General Internet Safety and Citizenship Guidelines

Whether on your own device or on school computers the following apply:

  1. Do not say or do things online that you would not do in person.
  2. Do not use offensive or abusive language. No name-calling, abbreviations or ALL CAPS.
  3. Guard your personal information: do not post identifying information online.
  4. Do not read other people's email or private documents. Be courteous and log off when another student has forgotten.
  5. No downloading. Do not download programs, games, applications or media unless instructed by your teacher.
  6. If you are threatened or bullied online or know of any such activity taking place, report it immediately to your teacher.
  7. Always cite your sources whether for text, images or information found online.

BYOD Guidelines

Be aware that not every day will be a green light day.

  • The expectations for device use will be indicated by an arrow pointing to the appropriate coloured light on poster in classroom.
  • If the BYOD or general guidelines are not followed students will be asked to place their device in the bin on teacher's desk for remainder of class.
  • For those who do not have their own device, an iPad will be provided on green light days.
  • Remember that you signed a technology agreement at the beginning of the school year, which applies to all classes.
  • If you need to leave class to use the restroom you will be asked to leave your device in the bin on teacher's desk until you return.
  • Take pride in the use of your personal devices:
  • P – Purpose for using device is always educational
  • R – Responsible use of devices is always expected
  • I – Instructions for device use will always be followed
  • D – Devices must always be using the school’s WiFi network
  • E – Everyone will always conduct him or herself responsibly online
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BYOD poster created by a student from Frisco Independent School District and PRIDE acronym: retrieved on May 29, 2014

Mr. Sheppard's Technology Policy