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September 19-23, 2022


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To inspire all scholars to become inquisitive thinkers, who confidently and respectfully embrace the global challenges of the future.


Jose H. Damian Elementary will nurture our scholars so that they are healthy, feel safe, are engaged, feel supported, and are challenged through culturally responsive teaching and learning.

A message from the Principal

Thank you to faculty, staff, volunteers and PTO for committing your time during the Family Picnic. Although we were expecting more people, we are happy that we could provide this opportunity for our families to feel welcome and part of our school. They are the reason why we are all here and I loved to hear that they were glad for the event.

The JDE 30th Anniversary event is scheduled for September 23rd at 9 AM. Please see the agenda below. We will all gather outside for the event. Ms. Anchieta prepared a map with instructions on the seating locations for each of the grade levels. I hope the weather cooperates. Please feel free to bring an umbrella, wear sunscreen and mosquito spray. I ask that you please wear your Red JDE shirt for this event. If you don't have your JDE shirt yet, please wear red. Also, please send a message to your parents so the students wear red on that day. We will also send the communication. We have a few speakers lined up, but the event should not take longer than an hour, if we all start on time. At the end of the agenda, we will sing the Happy Birthday song and Las Mananitas to JDE. The Damian Family is super excited and a few of them are making plans to attend.

October Intersession will be held from Oct. 3-6 from 7:45-12PM. Breakfast will be served at 7:45 and classes should start by 8 AM. Lunch will be provided at noon. Parents can pick up at noon or they can wait until their child finishes eating. We have approximately 30 4th and 5th grade students to invite and we have 6 teachers who have volunteered to teach in small group. THANK YOU! Invitations have been sent out. Please collect these so that we can get an accurate count.

Thank you for all that you do!

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The Canutillo High School parade is coming up! It is scheduled for September 21st at 5 PM and the theme is TO INFINITY AND BEYOND. Big thanks to those who have contributed to the float and the parade. It's going to be great!

Let's support the high school and join the parade in our best Toy Story outfit! Please see schedule of dress up days during the week. The last day is Friday the 23rd.

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Please enter the name of the grade level representative nominated to serve in the Campus Improvement Committee on the following link:

So far, I have reps for PK - Ochoa and Gil

K - no rep

1st - Barraza

2nd - Caballero and/or Chavez

3rd - no rep

4th - Alderete and/or Dayrit

5th - Moreno

Specials - no rep

I need reps for Kinder, 3rd and specials. Please submit those by Monday. Our first meeting is Thursday, Sept. 29th. From then on, we will meet monthly on the last Wednesday of the month.


Intruder Detection Audits

The TxSSC will begin intruder detection audits at CISD on Monday, Sept. 19, in partnership with regional educational centers. The purpose of these audits is to assess the access control measures of a campus during the school day. For example, inspectors will check to see if they are able to gain unauthorized access through exterior doors and if the campus is conducting required exterior weekly door sweeps.

Key Points:

Communication: They will communicate with Dr. Galaviz and the primary law enforcement entity as they conduct these intruder audits. Following each campus intruder audit, inspectors will provide any findings to the district to enable districts to remedy findings as soon as possible.

Tone: Audits will be conducted by trained inspectors, in plain clothing, who if stopped by school personnel, will self-identify and proceed with the rest of the intruder audit. They will NOT be simulating an intrusion.

Collaboration: The intent is to work collaboratively with school districts in supporting them as they remedy any issues identified through the Intruder Detection Audits.



  • ALL doors that lead to outside always remain be locked and closed.
  • There WILL NOT be anything nearby the doors that could prop them open.
  • EVERYONE will close doors behind them as they walk inside or outside.
  • Visitors will be asked to show ID before they are given access into the building.
  • ALL visitors must check in at the front office, even district personnel.
  • ALL visitors will sign in at the front office. Non district employees will be given a badge and their ID will be held at the front desk until they check out.
  • District employees have to sign in and check in. Their district badge must be visible while navigating the campus.


  • Everyone is responsible for stopping strangers in the building. You can say: "May I help you?" "Who are you here to see?" "Did you check in at the front office?" "I don't see your badge or visitor's pass." "Please come with me so you can sign in."
  • When they check JDE, they will test to see if EVERYONE they encounter in the hallway stops them. After that person stops them, they will explain who they are so they can continue with the audit.

It is everyone's responsibility to keep an eye out for people who are not normally in our campus. That means facilities, central office personnel (EVEN IF IT'S DR. GALAVIZ), or people from other campuses. Everyone who enters our building must identify with a badge, either an employee badge or a visitor's pass on their clothing.

If you have any questions, please let me know. It is important that we look out for each other.

PLC Tuesday

Week C - Plan for Week 9

PLCs this week will all be in the PLC room. Grades will be combined because C&I will be present.

Remember that for PLC, you must bring the high leverage low TEKS for your grade level. You must come with this information ready to be discussed. Be prepared to model a strategy for your colleagues so that we can implement in other classrooms and put it in our lesson plans. EVERYONE must participate and BE PREPARED!

Grade Level Meeting Rooms

PLC Room: 4th, 3rd, PK, 1st

Instructional Coach's Office: 5th, 2nd, Kinder


PK - Plaza

K - Davila

1st - Plaza

2nd - Davila

3rd - Lee

4th - Plaza

5th - Davila, Lee

Please refer to the PLC schedule in the JDE Handbook at the top of the newsletter.


We are celebrating...


Jose H. Damian Elementary School turns 30!

Melissa Chavez, Sept. 8

Yvonne Urquidi, Sept. 11

Suzanne Graham, Sept. 22

Melissa Ramey, Sept. 24

Susana Feliz, Sept. 27

*If you have a birthday coming up in September and it was not listed, please let me know so I can add it.



Please complete your self-assessment, set ONE professional and ONE academic goal, and your SLO. IF YOU HAVE NOT SET UP TWO GOALS, PLEASE DO SO ASAP SO THAT THEY CAN BE REVIEWED AND APPROVED BY THE ADMIN ASSIGNED TO YOU. These items will be reviewed during your pre conference prior to your formal observations. The deadline to complete this is was August 31st. Please see the admin assigned to you if you have questions.

September 2022 Calendar

Annual Calendar:

Week C

Sept. 20 - PLC-Plan Week 9

Sept. 21 - CHS Homecoming Parade

1st Grade TPRI Testing

Safety/Crisis Team Meeting @3:30

World Gratitude Day

Sept. 22 - RtI Rotation 1

Lead4Ward STAAR Ready for Leadership @CO

Kinder CLI Testing

Sept. 23 - JDE 30th Anniversary Celebration - WEAR RED!

Week D

Sept. 27 - Coding Coach Training

Sept. 28 - Chat with the Principal @9:30AM and 5PM

1st Grade to La Union

Sept. 29 - ESTAR/MSTAR Fall Screener Window Closes

Fire Safety Presentation for PK-2

TEPSA Student Council Meeting

AFT Visit in Teachers' Lounge

CIC Meeting

Sept. 30 - Data Dialogue

1st 9-week grading period ends

National Family Health and Fitness Day

PBIS Celebration

CLI and iStation ISIP Windows Close

FOR FACULTY AND STAFF ONLY: Please use the 2 links below to report your positive diagnosis after notifying Dr. Lee.

The links are on the Canutillo ISD website. One is to report your positive results to the district and subsequently receive guidance from Dr. Fuentes. The other link is to report to the City of El Paso. You must fill out both links.

Please complete the form below on your 5th day of isolation in order to receive clearance to return to work from Human Resources

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