P-Tech Newsletter

Updates on our program and the different student events

Workplace Learning: Industry Partner Presentations

Students have had nothing but wonderful comments about our industry partners who have participated in presenting to our P-Tech students about their experiences and career pathways. Our students were able to hear about how each industry partner has impacted their community as well as learned about the overall expectations of their companies. Students were able to engage by asking questions and having discussions about what types of engineering or technological backgrounds, would be needed to be considered for future employment. We thank everyone for participating and giving time for our students to not only learn about the different companies but actually meeting the people who are the ones working and developing them.

What our students had to say:

  • CGI was the industry partner that stuck out the most to me because he talked about what kind of person they want to hire. As well as explaining why they are looking for that kind of person. The speaker also spoke about the company plus how people get along. It gave us the requirements that companies want in an employee. As a young teenager, it's helpful to know those requirements that people look for when hiring you. To me, it was very important for us to hear what they do as a company and the relationship that people have while working for them."

  • What stuck out the most to me was the presentation from Jingoli where they showed us the house that the members built out of a shipping container through the program to counter issues with homelessness and the need for more housing.

  • I felt like we really got a better point of view of what we might go through and experience due to the fact that one of the presenters from Cornerstone Building Brands, graduated from a program like ours. I could really relate to their experiences.

Project Based Learning & STEAM Fest

Negative Effects of Excessive Use Of Plastic, Its Consequences, and Proposed Solutions

Did you know

... that 190,250 plastic bags are used every minute in the USA?

….Plastic takes anywhere from 500 to 1,000 years to degrade?

...Current estimates show that at least 8 million pieces of plastic are entering the oceans every single day.

Hi, my name is Julissa Pelaez, PTECH student and I am speaking on behalf of all PTECH Students. We are working on a Problem Based Learning (PBL) about the Negative Effects of Excessive Use Of Plastic, Its Consequences, and Proposed Solutions

We have identified a problem that is affecting all human beings' sustainability equilibrium which is the excessive use of plastic. We did deep research for information about plastic use, then we decided to prepare an exhibit display to show the community how serious the excessive use of plastic is, improper recycling and its consequences on marine animals. We built a giant plastic water bottle made of almost 500 plastic bottles and it represents that we are filling the ocean with plastic. Marine animals are living around plastic and it is affecting their growth. Our display was huge, sophisticated and we wanted to make the community more aware of this issue. Our exhibitions showed the result of excessive amounts of plastics in the oceans and how it affects our marine life. It not only affects them, but it also affects us. It has long term effects such as a decrease in our marine life and other animals and plants in the marine ecosystem. They mistakenly eat the plastic thinking it’s food and by eating such a large amount of plastic, they eventually die. Our exhibition proposed solutions to fix this problem, such as using less plastic and using recyclable materials. Overall, our experience at the STEAM Fest exhibition event was amazing. We were able to work as one to make our exhibition happen. From early as 7:30 a.m., students were already there to begin the process up until the end of the event. We as the students were very eager and willing to help our teacher in whatever way possible. Not only was our exhibition a great one, but it also showed us that we must work together to complete things. Our time was running short while we were setting up, but more and more students arrived which made our job easier to get done.

Minecraft Skin Project

To make things interesting and fun, our engineering teacher Victor Alegria created a project that integrated technology as well as engineering using a famous gaming platform called Minecraft. Students had to create their own Minecraft skin in AutoDesk Inventor, by drawing and developing each component of the Minecraft figure. Also, using different parts including axels as attachments. Students continued to learn about different views and 3d modeling, but with something they could relate to. The engagement and interest level for this project were very high and students are excited for the next step, which is building their model out of wood.

What is our Extended Day Program?

Tuesdays and Thursdays: Academic Program

Students will be provided with academic enhancement and support, based on the specific needs of our students. Certified staff will be available to support students with different content areas, homework questions, and one to one tutoring. This will also serve to provide time for students to complete assignments and work on group projects.

Wednesdays: STEM Enrichment

Students will be exposed to a variety of STEM lessons, including robotics, coding, and design challenges.

November to December students will be learning:

  • Robotics

    • Using 15 Finch Robots as part of the Loan Program

  • Robotics and Coding

    • Ozobots (Creating Movement Using Code)

  • STEM Challenges

    • Keva Plank Challenges

Kind Words About Summer Bridge!

Working in the P-Tech Summer Bridge program for 6 weeks was an eye-opening experience for me. I loved working with each of my 40 students. Because our class sizes were so small, we were really able to get to know each other in a way that would be nearly impossible in that short length of time with a huge population.

It was extremely interesting for me to see how the program is set up. It is a rare opportunity that not many high school students are able to get. Getting a high school diploma AND an Associate’s degree at the same time will benefit P-Tech students greatly.

I feel honored to have been a part of the program and a small part of these students’ lives. They were kind, funny, resilient, and determined with strong work ethics. It wasn’t easy to get up early for a full day of school in the summer and they found ways to enjoy the experience -- which then allowed me to enjoy it, as well. Mr. Fanelli was able to cultivate an environment that allowed everyone to feel safe, supported, and cared for. This was all within a few weeks' time. I appreciate and respect all of the collective hard work that went into making Summer Bridge and P-Tech, as a whole, a success. I wish the best of luck to everyone involved.

From: Carlee Augliera